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Here is a rough design concept for my new website…

LHP Design Concept

I’ve been interested in the history of Lagoon ever since I knew it had one. Of course, I’ve always been interested in amusement parks as well as the history behind things so it makes sense that I’d want to know more about the park I’ve visited many times since I was a kid. My first successful website devoted to the park was created in 2001. It slowly developed into a valuable resource for those who sought to know more about the park (which I quickly found out were very numerous). I started out by simply providing what information I had and over the years, visitors offered corrections and new information and photos until soon I was receiving emails from all kinds of people requesting more information. These emails came from elementary to college-aged students, local historians, amusement park enthusiasts from Europe and even an archaeologist studying former establishments across the east shore of the Great Salt Lake. The site inspired many others to create their own websites, many of which copied information directly from mine, but didn’t last long. I would often try to redesign the entire site and soon found that the site was splitting two different directions. There was the history side dealing with the park’s past. But then there was all the news, current information and a growing community of people who enjoyed going to Lagoon. One other website, started by a former employee of Lagoon, a member of my site, and – as I later found out – a coworker of mine started his own group which has become the best source of news and current information about the park. It was hard for me to stay updated on changes and additions when I lived 3 hours away and with college I had less and less time to work on it. So I decided to stick to the historical side of things. This new website,, is probably the 5,379th version of my website and it will focus more on old photos and other artifacts that provide a look at what Lagoon used to be like. It also gives me a chance to work on new designs. It will feature a history of the park during different periods of its existence. The sample above was inspired by books and other print materials from the late 1950s and early ’60s.

Project No. 01

It’s been a month, so I guess it should be time for another weekly update, right? Well, my current project is taking a lot more time than I anticipated. But don’t worry, I’ll be back on track soon.

Project No. 01 In Progress

Project No. 00

First, an introduction. This blog will feature updates about projects I’m currently working on. Please leave constructive and helpful comments. I want feedback for what I post here. Let me know if you have any ideas for future projects as well.  If you would rather not post comments here, feel free to email them to me.

I thought I would start by including a couple of things I have worked on recently.


My Grandpa Miskin died soon after I was born, so I don’t have any memories of him. Luckily, there have been many others who do and who I’ve learned a lot about him through them. Before he died, he recorded on tape some of his own personal memories from growing up. I transferred the audio to a digital format so I could give my Dad a copy on CD. Here is the final artwork for the packaging which used some old photographs. The title, “In His Own Words,” is simply what was written on the cassette tape. I’d like to acknowledge that the design wouldn’t have worked out so well if not for the great photos I had to work with.

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My Holga 135BC
My Holga 135BC

Meet Holga, my camera. She uses good old-fashioned film and despite her plastic casing and lens, has more useful features than the more expensive, automatic Canon I bought several years ago. Originally designed in Hong Kong for 120 film, the model I use is made for 35mm film, making it easier and cheaper to develop at retail locations. It also includes the black corner effect for that nice “vignette look”.

I took these pictures at random moments during the Summer of 2009 and recently discovered the CD I transferred the pictures onto at the photo lab where I work. So I brought them home and picked out some of my favorites to display here. After viewing the photos, click the link in the top left corner which will bring you back here where you can leave comments. Let me know which ones you liked or disliked or what you think could use improvements. Thanks!

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