Utah Real Estate Challenge

  • Utah Real Estate Challenge, 3rd Place

For a statewide real estate competition, we formed a team of business and landscape architect students to design a retail/residential building, public park and parking garage in downtown Logan, Utah. We took third place as the only team without any graduate-level real estate students. During the process, we consulted with professional architects and developers who taught us a lot about real world limitations and possibilities for outdoor and indoor spaces.

Features include:

  • 5-story mixed-use building
  • public park with open space for concerts & farmers’ market
  • splash fountain that converts to an ice rink in winter
The site, in yellow, sits between the Historic Theatre District and Civic Center on the middle of Main Street, Logan, Utah. Image: Braden Miskin
Building concept, front view. Image: Madison Pong & Braden Miskin
Closer view of the Main Street entrance. Image: Madison Pong & Braden Miskin
View from the plaza, looking toward Main Street and the historic Logan Tabernacle. Image: Madison Pong & Braden Miskin
Aerial view of the plaza. Image: Madison Pong & Braden Miskin