Ogden Valley Charrette

For our annual, department-wide design charrette, we split up into teams to work on Ogden Valley and Summit Powder Mountain Resort.

As part of the housing team, I developed ways to solve the need for short-term, affordable housing for resort employees. The nearest town was a small, agricultural village that didn’t want any large, modern buildings taking away the charm of their community.

The solution I proposed was to design a community center that looked like multiple smaller buildings inspired by the architecture of buildings in the area. Behind the building was a neighborhood of tiny homes on a grid that could easily expand, if needed. Each block had a communal fire pit for social integration. The community center would also house amenities for residents like a laundromat, shared kitchen (which could also be used for cooking classes) and a shuttle waiting area for skiers and resort employees going to the resort.

Concept plan sketch.
Architectural style exploration.
Community center, front elevation.
Side elevation showing community center (left) and tiny homes.