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  • Individual project
  • Community volunteer project

Funland is a small amusement park inside Tautphaus Park, the premier city park of Idaho Falls. A revitalization of Funland is currently being planned as it approaches its 75th anniversary. When I heard of the community-led effort to raise funds and fix up the park, I offered to do a design study to aid in the planning and created conceptual perspectives to help gain the public’s interest.

Program requirements called for the oldest rides to remain in place and for a multi-use courtyard in front of a 1930s-era log building. I looked at ways to create better circulation while reducing the amount of asphalt and making the experience more enjoyable for riders and spectators alike. I also took into consideration historic and aesthetic elements and found ways to make it fit in with a recent master plan the city commissioned for Tautphaus Park.

More about the project…

A project is underway to restore FunlandEast Idaho News, 10 May 2021

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