Logan Historic Theatre District

2018 Dean’s Prize, 1st Place

  • Software used: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, Lumion
  • Team project (3 total)

For this combined junior/sophomore competition, I led a team in redeveloping two blocks of the Historic Theatre District in Logan, Utah. The site is home to three renovated venues near longstanding commercial and residential areas, as well as a high school and recreation center. It’s also home to the remains of an old mill, which is the oldest man-made structure in the city.

The programming called for a new city library along with increased residential, commercial and green space.

We retained and enhanced the mid-block walkway that extends from the site to City Hall. At one end, we added a theater-inspired outdoor amphitheater and plaza with dining and retail to encourage theater-goers to spend more time downtown.

Other design features:

  • service & delivery access lane for existing businesses
  • added bus stops
  • a food truck plaza with permanent picnic area near offices & the high school
  • trails & green space around the historic mill site that also connects to the existing city-wide trail system & recreation center
  • two-story parking garage with an exterior reflecting a former mill structure & multi-level access to new retail spaces on Main Street
  • a new library with Main Street access through a cafe & overlooking the historic mill & new green space in back

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